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Product Divisions

Implantable Electronic Systems Division (IESD)

The IESD is comprised of our former Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) Division and Neuromodulation Division. Fundamentally, both divisions develop and manufacture the same three main categories of products: implantable pulse generators, leads and external programming/monitoring devices. Uniting these organizations has allowed St. Jude Medical to capitalize on the combined strength of our technology as we continue to focus on areas in cardiology and neurology that represent expensive, epidemic-sized disease states.

St. Jude Medical's IESD develops implantable systems that assist in the diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias, heart failure, chronic pain management, intractable chronic migraine, Parkinson's disease, and other nervous system disorders. With the industry's first quadripolar pacing system featuring four pacing electrodes and the world's smallest neurostimulator for chronic pain, St. Jude Medical's IESD continues to provide physicians with innovative, cost-effective technologies that give physicians more options for tailored patient therapy and confidence in long-term patient management.

Cardiac Rhythm Management Product Portfolio: Cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) devices, implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs), implantable pacemakers, pacing and defibrillation leads, remote monitoring systems.

Neuromodulation Product Portfolio: Spinal cord stimulation systems, peripheral nerve stimulation systems, deep brain stimulation systems.

Cardiovascular and Ablation Technologies Division (CATD)

The CATD is comprised of our former Cardiovascular Division and Atrial Fibrillation (AF) Division. Collaboration between these organizations ensures we continue to efficiently and effectively develop innovative cardiovascular and ablation technologies for patients around the world. In addition to sharing common facilities for cost-advantaged manufacturing, these divisions share core competencies in technology and manufacturing particularly in the areas of extrusion, introducers, diagnostic catheters, ablation catheters and generators, and complex leading-edge diagnostic capital equipment. The synergies in our newly created CATD will support our significant growth expectations as we are better able to share best practices and enhance our focus on key cardiovascular and AF product portfolio initiatives in 2013.

St. Jude Medical's CATD develops structural heart, vascular and ablation technologies. We have a comprehensive CATD product portfolio including market leading mechanical heart valves, tissue valves and occlusion devices, in addition to technologies that advance the identification and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, including AF. We are the only company with products under development across all major structural heart categories including congenital heart defects, left atrial appendage occlusion, transcatheter aortic valve replacement and percutaneous mitral valve repair.

Cardiovascular Product Portfolio: PCI optimization systems (FFR + OCT), hemostasis management devices, vascular access and embolization devices, intravascular diagnosis and imaging technologies, tissue heart valves, mechanical heart valves, valve repair devices, occlusion device.

Atrial Fibrillation Product Portfolio: Catheter-based ablation devices, diagnostic catheters, introducers, mapping and visualization systems.

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Please note that some indications and/or products above are not approved in the United States and select International markets.